Press Release

Official announcements and news on our payroll automation app - danfebooks®

Enhanced customer support using Live Chat

It is our great pleasure to announce the integration of the Live Chat system. We couldn't be more proud to be able to help our loyal customers right when they need us.

We are growing as a markets favourite service to manage employee payroll.

As we continue to grow on our path to becoming the market leader - we believe customer support number on priority and shouldn't be in the backlog.

Being able to answer your questions right from where you are and when you need us, this Live Chat system will allow us to do exactly that.

danfebooks® Trademark Acquired!

We have just received a confirmation from The Department of Industries, Nepal Government awarding us with the trademark for danfebooks®.

We will be releasing a detailed statement in the following week.

Bug fixes and security update released!

This is our first patch release after many of you have requested for the better password meter when signing up. We have that in place now. When you sign up or change your password - you will get instant feedback on what's wrong and what's right.

Our password minimum requirements are clearly shown when creating a password.

Blocking disposable emails, we have had huge amounts of signup using disposable email services. Hence we have disabled the access or signups using those email services. If you are a developer and wants to test out our application - please reach out to us for a staging environment access at

We are LIVE, danfebooks® (1.0.b) is released!

It has been a great couple of months since we realized a need for a cloud-based simple accounting app for Nepal.

A simplified app to generate salary sheets automatically, helping you calculate personal income taxes, record employee attendance, provide you with an updated list of all public holidays each year according to Nepali calendar.

It's here now.

Key features:

  • Nepalese calendar public holidays list (updated each year)
  • Work in the Nepali Language - full support
  • Record attendance,
  • Leave apply - approval/rejection process
  • Automatic salary sheet generation
  • Invite employees to provide account access
  • Employees can see their attendance data
  • Employees financial data - tax records, monthly earning records, salary sheets and more.
  • We will be adding many more features that will enable our users to be more productive in this digital transformation era.

We have worked hard and will continue to do so. We are LIVE now as of 3:00 PM (NPT), July 17, 2017.


Thank you, - danfebooks® team.
Kathmandu, Nepal